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Anthem Lights Press Photo 2.5.16
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Anthem Lights was founded in 2007 by Alan Powell and Chad Graham while the two friends were living in Los Angeles pursuing individual music careers. They later invited Kyle Kupecky and Caleb Grimm, friends from their college days, to round out the group. Over the next five years the band moved to Nashville, evolved, and continued to grow their fan base substantially. In 2010 they signed with Reunion Records and recorded two studio albums: Anthem Lights and You Have My Heart. In 2012, the band parted ways with Reunion to create their own record label. They also brought on new band member Joey Stamper to replace Kupecky, who amicably left the group to pursue a solo career in music. Anthem Lights now focuses on their inherent skills in writing and producing quality pop music and creating their signature music videos, and playing shows around the country.

Artist Dates:

Date: City:  
04/02/16 Tampa, FL More
04/22/16 - 04/24/16 Fortuna, CA More
06/25/16 Jacksonville, FL More
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